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We Are Recruiting

Sectoral Expertise

If you have acquired an experience in a given sector (retail, industry, luxury products, etc.) or have a a specific expertise (economic intelligence, law, etc.) contact us to check whether there are opportunities to collaborate with one another.

Working at IAS8

We are a small yet ambitious independent company with the skills and motivation to provide our customers the best solutions to ensure their success. We are on the look-out for potential co-workers who share our client-oriented attitude and emphasis on teamwork.
Our employees are geographically located based upon their specific expertise and the nature of the tasks entrusted. That can be either at our group headquarters or in any of the 8 countries where we operate.
If your resume includes one or several of the skills and areas of expertise listed below, contact us using the form at the bottom of the page :

– Risk assessment methodology
– Risk Assessment Methodology
– Security Auditing
– Mapping of Risks
– Investment Counsel
– Security Agent
– Client Liaison
– Risk Management Strategy
– Economic Intelligence and Analysis
– Stress-test
– Local Investigation
– Investments in ASEAN and China
– Industrial Site Security
– Conflict Management
– Globalisation
– Business risk