Securing investments in Vietnam: a young population of 90 million people

Why invest in Vietnam?

Starting in the early 90’s, the opening up of the Vietnamese economy has made it for more accessible for foreign investors. In fact, Vietnam has become a priority market for large foreign corporations, mainly Western and Asian. The advantages the country offers are a cost-competitive, skilled work force and a potential domestic market of more than 90 million people. The country has solid infrastructure to make the most out of global trade opportunities.

IAS8’s recommendations

Foreign companies need to pay attention to the upcoming Vietnamese Generation Y. Vietnam seems to have arrived at a crossroad – keeping up the current growth level will require the economy to transition from being an outsourcing destination to more value-added manufacturing. Many young Vietnamese are coming back home after having studied abroad and they could well prove to be the driving force that will modernise the Vietnamese economy over the coming years.

Aspects to monitor when investing in Vietnam

Any investment plan in Vietnam needs to recognize uncertainty concerning the country’s future. However, the risks inherent to this transition can be circumvented if a prior and thorough analysis of the situation is carried out. Based on the findings and recommendations of such an audit, your project can be launched with the expectation of gaining a solid return on investment.

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Cost-competitive and skilled labour force
Gradual opening up of the economy
Modernization prospects by the upcoming generation
Important domestic market

Watch for

Strong presence of Asian investors
Economic transition must be carried out to the full