Preparing an investment in ASEAN and China2018-12-04T11:25:32+00:00

Preparing an investment in ASEAN and China

When considering an investment in an emerging economy you are likely to want to identify the different issues that could hinder the success of your project. IAS8 will accompany you in providing the strongest possible platform from which to realize your ambitions in Southeast Asia and China. We provide two core groups of services for the pre-investment stage:

International risk analysis is about identifying existing and potential risks in a country where one wishes to invest, with due consideration given to the effects of globalisation. With increasing economic integration and instant cross-national communications, local events can have consequences that are felt on the other end of the planet… More

Expanding within an emerging market necessarily entails risk-taking, and the risk is all the greater where considering a substantial investment. To lessen, if not eliminate risks, it is essential to have at one’s disposal accurate and relevant information… More