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Our team at your disposition

IAS8 puts at your disposition a professional team with proven local expertise and a demonstrated track record in both practical operations and critical analysis.

Practical operations

Our agents can adapt to all the different situations you may face. They emphasise reflection and prevention to pre-emptively avoid risk scenarios but nonetheless have all the necessary skills to take action where the circumstances call for it.

Critical analysis

Our team includes several analysts as well as legal and paralegal specialists. They are able to deduce information from a variety of sources in order to provide informed and timely insights into local context so as to provide the most relevant recommendations for your business.

Our team

DO GAUDIN THUY MINH TRAM ( 杜錘明偵 )– Our chairman oversees the operations of our group. She brings her acute understanding of the region and specifically of her native country, Vietnam. Having already launched and managed a number of successful companies, she has also the entrepreneurial acumen to lead the group.

Languages spoken: Vietnamese, Mandarin Chinese, French

Our General Manager, BRUNO CHAILLOU, has in the past worked in Africa and the Middle East before coming to Asia for the French Ministries of Defence and Foreign Affairs. Thanks to his wealth of experience, our company can provide you with reliable results that ensure the protection of your assets as well as that of your staff and reputation.

Languages spoken: French, English

MANUEL BRIQUET – Deputy General Manager –  A former high-ranking officer of the French Interior Ministry, our development manager is an expert in the fight against organised crime and in the field of international cooperation, having led a regional project against counterfeited products affecting public health and security. His judicial expertise, his mastery of security-related issues concerning persons and assets and his intimate knowledge of local institutions, all combine to give him the relevant capacity to analyse and identify your needs and provide you with the appropriate responses to them.

Spoken languages: French and English

NICOLAS AASHEIM – Thanks to his international experience on three continents, Nicolas speaks four languages fluently. He oversees the research and analysis department, making sure that the methods used are sophisticated enough to obtain the necessary information to produce accurate and relevant reports.

Languages spoken: French, English, Spanish, Norwegian
International Experience
Expertise: Analysis

VŨ MAI ANH – With a master’s degree in Banking and Finance from a French university, our Financial and Administrative Director is at ease with both Western and Asian cultures. She oversees the financial and administrative work of our 8 agencies and ensures that our activity is fully compliant with the rules and regulations of the countries where we operate.

Languages spoken: Vietnamese, French, English

VŨ TIẾN DŨNG – Having served in an important Vietnamese ministry, this former officer can provide analysis of a risk situation and identify the best solutions to protect both your staff and the assets of your company.

Languages spoken: Vietnamese and Russian

JACQUES GILGENMANN – Former officer in the French GIGN, Jacques puts at your disposition a wealth of experience in the field of security. The support he can provide you with is of utmost quality.

Languages spoken: French, English, Egyptian Arab

SUY CHHUNHAC, counsel – In charge of the Group’s legal activities. A professor in criminal law, he has more than 30 years of experience in dealing with legal issues and analyzing political and legal situations.
Since 2012, he has been very active in brand protection and IP matters. He has, among other things, been involved in the most important anti-counterfeiting cases in Cambodia against fake cigarettes.
He can also plead in the UK, Singapore, HK, and Thailand in addition to Cambodia.

Spoken languages: Khmer, English and Mandarin

PHAM SING, counsel – Member of the national Bar and specializing in investment, trade and retail, digital distribution and intellectual property law, PHAM Sing has more than 10 years of experience in counseling important international corporations in Vietnam and representing them in court.

His in-depth knowledge of Vietnam’s political culture and of the legal developments in the country provide us with a highly valuable expertise our clients can benefit from.

Spoken languages: Vietnamese and English

LEWIS WALMESLEY-BROWNE – Lewis is one of our strongest analysts, offering rigorous analytical techniques and an in-depth understanding of current affairs within the region. Educated at Cambridge University, Lewis worked as a commercial analyst for a large British multi-national before joining IAS8.

Languages spoken: English, French

TAVIA WANG ( 汪婧 ) – A multi-lingual operative, Tavia is a highly qualified auditor with significant international experience. Mastering the whole audit process, she can provide our clients with sophisticated solutions adapted to their needs and expectations.

Languages spoken: Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese, English, French
International Experience
Expertise: Site Auditing

LAM THI QUOC THANH – Executive Assistant – Mastering three languages and familiar with both Asian and Western cultures, Thanh provides discreet yet essential assistance to the executive directors in their tasks. Efficient and good humoured, she can always be counted on.

Spoken languages: Vietnamese, French and English

LÊ THỊ NHƯ THẢO – Thao works closely with Phuong on all administrative tasks. She is also helps in coordinating and dispatching tasks among our local operational teams.

Languages spoken: Vietnamese, English

ALICE THỦY TIÊN ( 水仙 ) GAUDIN – With a degree in international trade, Alice is in charge of our external communications strategy, providing potential clients with a clear understanding of our work and making sure that our 8 services are properly explained.

Languages spoken: French, English, Mandarin Chinese, Vietnamese, Spanish

CELIA QIN ( 秦楠 ) – Celia has since 2007 overseen the financial and administrative work of our agency in Shanghai. Her intimate knowledge of the Chinese administrative system represents a great asset for our company.

Languages spoken: Mandarin Chinese, English