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IAS8 your partner

For the past 15 years, IAS8 has developed long-term solutions in order to provide our clients with the highest security level for its activities in Asia. We are an independent company with immediate response capacities to meet the needs of our clients, be they big international corporations or SMEs.

Our mission

To accompany you in entering new markets or consolidating your presence within them. Our assistance can begin at the very start of your investment or sourcing project. Once they are underway, IAS8 continues to ensure that your projects can proceed within a secured environment; that risks are reduced; and that potential hindrances are avoided by anticipating threats that could arise in the local environment.

A holistic approach – all the advantages of larger security companies without any of the drawbacks

IAS8 is the leading international security company offering as complete a range of services (analysis, counsel, mediation and protection) aimed at securing investments across as many Asian countries (eight).

We seek to provide:

  • The sold local understanding provided by small, nationally-focused security providers.
  • The broad range of services offered by more global security companies.

Without their respective drawbacks such as :

  • Lack of capacity and limited service provision by smaller providers.
  • Incomplete understanding of local context by larger companies who may lack experienced on-the-ground staff in some of the countries that they cover.

We provide 8 services in 7 ASEAN countries plus China, making it the most comprehensive service offer in the field of risk management within the region. And the number 8 is considered lucky in Asia!

An organization that prioritizes client satisfaction

In order to ensure that our clients will always get the highest quality level, we have chosen to :

  • Spread our operational team throughout the 8 countries that we work in. Being present in them 365 days a year gives us a comprehensive understanding of the workings of each country:
    • Decision-making based on full understanding of local conditions.
    • Solid results based on the quality of our local contacts.
    • An immediate response capacity.
  • Provide you with a dedicated case manager to :
    • Provide a single focal point for your correspondence
    • Help to understand the specificities of your business so as to best protect your interests and transform risk into opportunity
  • Offer you a large range of bespoke services :
    • To provide tailor-made solutions of demonstrated quality in security issues.
    • To share in your success and accompany your developments over time.

A trusted partner across a broad range of industries
Our clients come from a wide range of sectors such as electronics, pharmaceutical, luxury goods, retail distribution, petrochemical industry, construction, and so on.

Security Services for individuals
From the start, our company has provided security services to individuals, both expatriates and visitors. If you are, as an individual, interested in our services, please use our form to inform us of your requirements and hear of what we can provide to you.


Now is the moment to invest in Cambodia, a country that is overcoming the traumas of the 20th century and has now registered twenty years of strong and consistent economic growth.


Investing in China allows one to take advantage of its huge domestic market. The middle-class is growing and eager for consumer goods as well as services. The People’s Republic of China has undergone an extraordinary economic development in the past thirty years and has retaken the dominant position it had previously held in the Far East.


The size of the Indonesian population is a solid reason to invest or to strengthen an existing presence there. With 250 million inhabitants, Indonesia is the fourth largest country in the world by population after China, India, and the United States.


Setting up an activity in Laos is, strategically, a good choice given the countries geographical position between China, Thailand and Vietnam. Laos has now joined the positive economic growth trends being experienced in the rest of Southeast Asia.


Setting up a project in Myanmar was until recently unimaginable. The former Burma was one of the most hermetically sealed countries in the world. Since 2011, a political transition has been taking place.
Opponents of the ruling military junta, which has been de facto in power since 1962, have been allowed to participate in the process aimed at opening up the country.


Companies wishing to invest in the Filipino market have long understood the potential of the domestic market: a population of over 100 million, mostly young people. The Philippines can rely on a certain number of assets to make the most out of the opportunities offered by global economic integration. A significant part of the population speaks English.


For many years, Thailand was first in class in a region marred by wars and authoritarian regimes. In the past fifteen years, however, its neighbours have opened up their economy. Facing stiffer competition, Thailand retains solid assets and Bangkok remains the regional hub for many foreign companies operating in the area.


Starting in the early 90’s, the opening up of the Vietnamese economy has made it for more accessible for foreign investors. In fact, Vietnam has become a priority market for large foreign corporations, mainly Western and Asian. The advantages the country offers are a cost-competitive, skilled work force and a potential domestic market of more than 90 million people. The country has solid infrastructure to make the most out of global trade opportunities.