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Preparing an investment in ASEAN and China

International Risk Analysis

International risk analysis is about identifying existing and potential risks in a country where one wishes to invest, with due consideration given to the effects of globalisation. With increasing economic integration and instant cross-national communications, local events can have consequences that are felt on the other end of the planet.

Investment Counsel

Expanding within an emerging market necessarily entails risk-taking, and the risk is all the greater where considering a substantial investment. To lessen, if not eliminate risks, it is essential to have at one’s disposal accurate and relevant information. IAS8 offers its clients a clear roadmap to effective risk management in which all risks have been identified and recommendations are provided in order to create the most favorable investment scenario. Equipped with a deeper and better understanding of the situation, our client can launch its investment under the best possible conditions.

Consolidating an investment in ASEAN and China

Innovative stress-tests

Stress-tests are a set of operations to detect potential vulnerabilities within your existing operations and prevent them from exposing you to unwelcome consequences. Amongst our eight services this is the one that most faithfully reflects our philosophy: it is better to prevent than to cure.

Integrity Screening

IAS8 offers its expertise to companies wishing to maintain a first-rate quality standard from their employees abroad.

Informed Stakeholder Engagement with the Authorities

IAS8 uses our expert local knowledge and cultural understanding in order to improve communication between our clients and local authorities.

Intellectual property protection

IAS8 has developed a niche expertise in protecting the intellectual property of international corporations. Our ultimate goal is to dismantle counterfeiting networks operating across national borders.

Security and Supporting Services

Integrated personal and assets protection

IAS8 offers its clients a range of practical services all aimed at actively preventing the emergence of dangerous situations.

Intermediary in Conflict Situations

Commercial exchanges sometimes lead to disagreements between the parties involved which can quickly escalate and become a source of instability. In an international context, this potential can be compounded by misunderstandings springing from cultural and linguistic differences, which can occur even when the foreign party is well-acquainted with the local culture.