Starting a project in Myanmar, strategic position and natural resources

Why Invest in Myanmar?

Setting up a project in Myanmar was until recently unimaginable. The former Burma was one of the most hermetically sealed countries in the world. Since 2011, resulting in the opposition’s sweeping victory in the national elections held in November 2015. A new government was founded in March 2016, in which the iconic Ms Aung San Suu Kyi holds a prominent role. However, as the armed forces retain significant power, the great challenge lies in finding a solid enough middle ground from which to pursue the transition process – which also involves putting an end to the different ethnic rebellions throughout the country.

Aspects to monitor when investing in Myanmar

Investing in Myanmar is nowadays possible, but the political transition is far from over. The tatmadaw (armed forces) has accepted the election results as well as the new government but many wrinkles are yet to be ironed out. While both sides seem motivated to work in the same direction, this will not necessarily follow a smooth or linear path. Hence, any investment in the country should keep this potential instability in mind by making sure alternative solutions are identified ahead of time.

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Progressive opening up of the market
Natural Resources
Strategic Position between India and China.

Watch for

Uncertainty concerning the outcome of the transition
Identifying the real decision-makers