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Investment Counsel

Why commission the services of IAS8 prior to investing in emergent economies?

Expanding within an emerging market necessarily entails risk-taking, and the risk is all the greater where considering a substantial investment. To lessen, if not eliminate risks, it is essential to have at one’s disposal accurate and relevant information. IAS8 offers its clients a clear roadmap to effective risk management in which all risks have been identified and recommendations are provided in order to create the most favorable investment scenario. Equipped with a deeper and better understanding of the situation, our client can launch its investment under the best possible conditions.

How does IAS8 assist its clients in gaining a foothold within the market?

Our company assesses legal frameworks of host countries, the profiles of potential business partners, or benchmark assessments of the existing competition. When collecting this information, national and regional factors feature prominently in our analysis as these must be included to make an informed decision. We monitor current affairs on a daily basis in each of the 8 countries where we operate directly: each one has its own specificities, and being familiar with them helps increase an investment’s chances of success.

IAS8 offers its clients its expertise based on an intimate knowledge of Asian societies. The very structure of these societies is in constant transition as youthful and increasingly educated populations with more international perspective begin to challenge traditional ways of doing things and introduce their own ideas. This usually brings to light certain aspects that had not originally been taken into account by our customers. With a better understanding of the local situation, our clients can make the most out of the incredible growth opportunities that the ASEAN countries and China can provide.

Case study 1: Finding an official distributor within an Asia market

The opening-up of the Myanmar market to Western consumer goods convinced a leading European automobile manufacturer to grab an early foothold in this potentially important market. They commissioned our services to assist them in choosing an official distributor in the country. IAS8 conducted a comprehensive research on the candidates identified by the client and analysed their strengths and weaknesses in the context of the ongoing political transition. A set of recommendations were issued for each candidate and a final grade was given to them in order to help our client make the best possible decision. The client reported their appreciation for the relevance of the information provided as well as the time it saved them in identifying an appropriate partner.

Case study 2: Life-insurance fraud in Thailand

An insurance company requested our services to assist them in shedding light upon a suspicious death in Cambodia following which the deceased’s life insurance was cashed in. Our investigations allowed us not only to determine that the supposed death had been staged but also to locate the ‘deceased’ who had been living under another name in Thailand. We provided the client with photographic evidence which was used to justify not paying the “widow” the life insurance.