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Intermediary in Conflict Situations

Why is having an intermediary necessary in conflict situation in foreign markets?

Commercial exchanges sometimes lead to disagreements between the parties involved which can quickly escalate and become a source of instability. In an international context, this potential can be compounded by misunderstandings springing from cultural and linguistic differences, which can occur even when the foreign party is well-acquainted with the local culture.

Where such a situation arises it no longer is just a matter of commercial disagreement – it becomes more complex as stakes are raised and parties become emotionally involved, making the situation more difficult to manage. Dialogue breaks down and possible solutions are much more elusive.

To prevent a disagreement from becoming a conflict situation that is detrimental to all the parties involved, IAS8 offers its services to act as an intermediary.

How does IAS8 act as mediator in a conflict situation?

As a mediator in conflict situations, our first goal is to defuse tension between the parties. Our mediator is introduced as a neutral party and strives to bring to the fore concrete points of shared interest upon which a reasonable and constructive discussion is possible. This is the starting point in our conciliation methodology and the objective is for discussions to yield acceptable solutions for everybody involved.

What benefits can you expect by bringing in IAS8 as a conflict mediator ?

Our strong track record in acting as a third party in conflict situations serves as testimony to our capacity to obtain concrete results. Quite often, once a settlement has been reached, the two parties are able resume their collaboration as trust has been re-established, and sometimes even strengthened, where it once seemed forever lost before we stepped in.

Our understanding of the local environment and its subtleties usually helps to create a more conciliatory tone for discussions. IAS8’s physical presence in the area is doubtless an important asset. By taking all parameters and variables into account, IAS8 is able to promote a constructive dialogue that can lead to the amicable conclusion of seemingly irreparable disputes.

Case study : a plant manager in Vietnam refuses to heed instructions from the company

Having opened a plant in Vietnam, one of our clients was faced with an insubordinate plant manager who did not follow their instructions, culminating in a situation in which senior managers were blocked from accessing the facility. Not knowing what to do, the client came to us to assist him in finding a solution to this worrying situation. We gathered information on the plant manager and counseled the client on the best position to adopt in the negotiation process. IAS8 then participated in the meetings between the two parties to ensure productive discussions and facilitate conciliatory moves. The discussions led in the end to an agreement suitable for both parties: the plant manager agreed to resign from his position upon the payment of a severance package and the promise that no charges would be pressed. The client could thus recover his plant and resume his activity.