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Intellectual Property Protection

IAS8 has developed a niche expertise in protecting the intellectual property of international corporations. Our ultimate goal is to dismantle counterfeiting networks operating across national borders. With more than 15 years of experience in this field in Southeast Asia and China, we implement a rigorous methodology aimed at uncovering the full modus operandi of a network, tracing back from point-of-sale to the counterfeit production site(s). This aspect of our work is strengthened by the excellent contacts that we have established with the local authorities in charge of combating counterfeiting. These relationships, based upon mutual respect and the sharing of expertise, enable us to support the authorities in the realization of their anti-counterfeiting objectives whilst also protecting the IPR of our clients.

Combating counterfeiting protects both brands and consumers

Combating the production and sale of counterfeited goods and imitations becomes all the more necessary for a brand as its market shares increase. IAS8 is well aware of the importance of quality assurance and brand protection to strengthening and expanding your position within emerging markets.

Counterfeiting causes harm far more significant than lost revenues – it represents a potential health danger to consumers. IAS8 has developed an effective targeted response to address the different cases of intellectual property infringement in China and Southeast Asia, which can range from alcoholic beverages to automobile spare parts and luxury goods – in short, any product can potentially be affected.

If your brand becomes targeted by counterfeiters, contact us to address the problem.

Case Study: Fake products in Cambodia and Vietnam

Susceptibility to counterfeiting is unfortunately a bi-product of commercial success. A major consumer goods company suspected that its intellectual property was being infringed in Cambodia and Vietnam commissioned IAS8 to carry out anti-counterfeiting operations in both countries. IAS8 designed for that purpose a bespoke long-term strategy operating on several fronts to both repress the penetration of the counterfeits onto the markets and identify their source. Awareness-raising actions were organised with company employees and partners as well as local authorities, whilst our human surveillance and electronic research tools contributed to identifying the source of the problem. Over the course of 8 years, the proportion of counterfeit goods being found on the market for our client’s brands dropped from 70% to less than 10%.