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Integrity Screening

IAS8 offers its expertise to companies wishing to maintain a first-rate quality standard from their employees abroad. As Jean Bodin’s famous phrase, “There are no riches other than men”, illustrates, a company’s human resources are of paramount importance. The ability to choose staff that are motivated, hard-working, and honest is as good a guarantee of success as possible. Having the right people in place makes it possible to make plans for the future with greater confidence.

Pre-employment screening

Presented with a list of potential candidates for a specific position, IAS8 will provide its client with a comprehensive fact sheet on their skills and backgrounds. Prior to hiring someone, an employer may want to make sure that the candidates really have the qualifications and experience that their résumés suggest. That is one example, but there are many other situations in which cross-referencing information, based upon the specific needs of the employer, can prove prudent.

Ascertain the integrity of existing staff

Managing employees, both local and expatriate, in a foreign country requires additional attention as unforeseen circumstances or miscommunication can result in anomalous behavior. As time goes by, personal interests or external pressures may cause employees to act in a way that is against your company’s interests.

Commissioning such a service with IAS8 allows you to monitor against the emergence of this type of situation – we strive to identify the members of your staff, if any, who could become problematic and we present a set of recommendations to protect yourself against such a scenario. In all cases, we take the cultural context into account, as it can sometimes be at the root of the problem.

Case Study: verifying a case of possible disloyalty

One of our clients called upon our services to check upon the integrity of one of his employees in China. Our client suspected his employee to be sharing confidential information with a local company active in the same sector, with which he suspected the employee of sharing an affiliation. After a thorough investigation, IAS8 informed our client that his suspicions were well-founded. Subsequently, we counseled him on how to replace him in a diplomatic way which resolved the situation without creating additional problems.