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Innovative Stress-tests

Stress-tests are a set of operations to detect potential vulnerabilities within your existing operations and prevent them from exposing you to unwelcome consequences. Amongst our eight services this is the one that most faithfully reflects our philosophy: it is better to prevent than to cure.

  • The exercises we offer our clients aim at :
  • Identifying potential areas of vulnerability
    Proactively creating situations likely to expose underlying risks within a fully secure environment.

Case Study: security stress-test of a building under construction

To test the security of a warehouse or office space, we can organize a covert intrusion attempt (with the client’s pre-approval) in order to determine whether or not it is possible and, if so, to identify weaknesses within the security set-up.

Exercises such as this can be replicated in other contexts depending on the needs and demands of our clients. The objective remains the same: bring forth potential weaknesses by subjecting your security apparatus to unexpected scrutiny. Once weaknesses, if any, have been identified, we can recommend to our clients the best solutions to remove them.

This type of exercise is very useful when security processes have become ‘routine’, which inevitably entails some form of carelessness on the part of your employees. Very often, laxness comes in surreptitiously and is all the more dangerous as its real harm only becomes apparent in crisis situations.

Case Study: continuous watch to enforce security norms at sales outlets.

With a solid foothold in China, an international retail company wishes to ensure that its security norms are properly followed in its stores throughout the country. IAS8 conducts annual auditing across all of its stores and submits our findings accompanied by applicable recommendations to enhance implementation of security measures and their suitability to the local environment.