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Informed Stakeholder Engagement with the Authorities

IAS8 uses our expert local knowledge and cultural understanding in order to improve communication between our clients and local authorities.

What benefits can a company get from having a good relationship with the authorities?

For a client, it means increased efficiency and reduced costs. Cultural and linguistic barriers need not be a hindrance to having good relationships with the authorities. We have a very good record of working alongside the authorities to help our clients achieve compliance in the fastest time possible.

More generally, a company operating in an Asian market should consider having a good relationship with the authorities as an asset. Should for example a conflict arise between a foreign company and an Asian partner and an amicable settlement prove unobtainable, having established mutually respectful relationships with the authorities will help mitigate against the risk of discrimination.

How does IAS8 liaise with the authorities?

To optimize a client’s chances of success, knowing the characteristics of the local administration is a huge asset. IAS8’s method allows us to swiftly identify the key decision-makers in a position to contribute towards finding a satisfactory solution for our client. We have always stressed the importance of having a close and trust-based relationship with the public institutions, respecting local authorities and identifying areas of mutual interest in order to achieve desired solutions.

We therefore offer to liaise with the administration on behalf of our clients. It is a fully legitimate and transparent activity that nonetheless needs to be conducted tactfully, taking into account the local culture and the specific customs of the government agency one is dealing with. With more than 15 years’ presence in the region, we have developed a network of contacts that we place at the client’s disposition.

Case Study : Obtaining a trade license from the authorities

Every company needs to adapt to the specific legislation of the countries in which it is present. That, however, can sometimes prove challenging. An important food services company that had been present in China for many years needed a trade license to develop its activity in a new yet related area. They called upon the services of IAS8 to assist them in this process. We set about to identify the appropriate government agencies to apply to and, within them, the best-placed persons to whom we could make our client’s case. We were able to establish contact between both parties and acted as a mediator between them, providing translation services and helping our client to better navigate the regulatory framework. The license was obtained three months later.

In short, IAS8’s assets in assisting clients in engaging with local authorities are :

  • Knowledge of the situation on the ground
  • Identifying decision-makers and making introductions
  • Maintaining a respectful and mutually beneficial relationship with the authorities