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International Risk Analysis

What is international risk analysis?

International risk analysis is about identifying existing and potential risks in a country where one wishes to invest, with due consideration given to the effects of globalisation. With increasing economic integration and instant cross-national communications, local events can have consequences that are felt on the other end of the planet.

Decision-making in an international business context requires constant mindfulness of the ways in which global current affairs can create opportunities and hazards for your company. Staying ahead of the game helps to convert favorable developments into competitive advantage and to anticipate unwelcome occurrences so as to minimize the damage and loss that they could cause your business.

Value-added assessment of international risks

Making the right decision requires having reliable information that provides insight into the situation at hand. IAS8 offers its clients thorough, comprehensive, and bespoke assessments on specific issues in order to provide them with a deeper understanding of a given situation.

Our area of expertise covers Southeast Asia and China, throughout which we have our own field operatives. However, we can leverage our global partner network in order to offer our services anywhere in the world.

Case study: lessening international risk

A major global aeronautics company commissioned our services to implement a strategic watch over political and commercial developments related to its market in Southeast Asia so as to help strengthen its presence and maintain its competitive edge in a booming market. The information that we were able to provide made it possible to win a certain number of contracts in the face of significant competition.
It also allowed our client to identify and establish relationships with the most competent and trustworthy local business partners, which eventually led to a formal partnership. Our client was very satisfied as he thus avoided exploring dead-ends with actors unsuited to the task.