Investing in Cambodia for its economic development : big international corporations

Why invest in Cambodia ?

Now is the moment to invest in Cambodia, a country that is overcoming the traumas of the 20th century and has now registered twenty years of strong and consistent economic growth.

Aspects to monitor when investing in Cambodia

The population is looking into the future with cautious optimism. The results of the last elections in 2013, which saw the victory of the incumbent party the CPP, were strongly contested by the opposition. Whilst an agreement was later reached, the political situation remains volatile.

Furthermore, entry into the Cambodian market, small as it is, is made more complex by the established presence of regional powers such as China. Potential and existing investors must therefore understand the variety of influences at play within the country.

IAS8´s recommendations for Cambodia

A solid prior understanding of local context is a sine qua non condition for any investment in the Kingdom. There exist many possibilities (depending on the objectives) to circumvent difficulties and make the most out of Cambodia´s development potential. Production plants can take advantage of the country´s low labour costs and of its geographical location at the heart of Southeast Asia.

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Economic Development
Strategic Geographical Position
Competitive Labour Costs

Watch for

Political Stability
Industrial relations