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29 12, 2016

Jt10_Data Safety

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Why is data safety important to have one for the company ?
This done represents the history of the company and althought it is hardly original to say knowing the past help you understand the future, should accompany see all its data disappear because the virus is inspected in system , could potentally raise all the hard work conducted to date forcus the company back square one .

29 08, 2016

Jt6_Innovating Stress-Tests

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Stress-tests are a set of operations to detect potential vulnerabilities within your existing operations and prevent them from exposing you to unwelcome consequences. Amongst our eight services this is the one that most faithfully reflects our philosophy: it is better to prevent than to cure.

The exercises we offer our clients aim at :

Identifying potential areas of vulnerability
Proactively creating situations likely to expose underlying risks within a fully secure environment.

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