8 expertises for the security of your business in 8 Asian countries: protection of individuals, property and data.

Preparing an investment in ASEAN and China.

To minimise risks and lay a secure foundation from which your investments can grow, IAS8 offers a comprehensive suite of pre-investment services.

Consolidating an investment in ASEAN and China.

Already in the region? Established in one of the local markets? Remove obstacles to your development such as counterfeiting, corruption, miscommunication with the authorities, irresponsible practices by employees, and other dormant risks.

Security and supporting services.

Whether at the pre-investment stage or supporting an existing operation, discover how we propose to ensure your physical security and protection of assets.

A reliable “security partner” for your activity in Asia

IAS8 is physically present in 7 ASEAN countries and China, enabling us to provide instant on-the-ground response to manage risks and provide solutions to challenges that may affect your business.
Our range of 8 services provides you a range of tools to help identify threats, reduce their probability of occurrence, and mitigate their impact. Our objective is to guarantee the stability of your operations in Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

Supporting you in audits and operational situations

IAS8 is the leading international security company offering a complete range of services (analysis, counsel, mediation and protection) aimed at securing investments across SEA and China. We support mostly large international corporations that have established themselves locally, though also have a range of SME clients that do business in or source from our host countries. Each encounters a variety of obstacles to doing business here, requiring from us a range of responses including: combating counterfeiting and dismantling contraband networks; identifying risks and preventing their occurrence, offering counsel in the field of international investments and in the proper management of human resources; assisting in solving conflicts and providing support in engaging with the authorities, etc. Drawing upon our solid local presence and experienced personnel, IAS8 offers a range of swift and dynamic responses to creatively respond to your problems and accompany you on the path to success in ASEAN and China.

Always prepared

Should you encounter a crisis situation while doing business in the region, tick the “emergency” box in the Contact page and we guarantee to contact you within one hour.